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What is oc_daily?

oc_daily is a community for posting pictures of the cast of The OC. Episode Stills, Photoshoots, and scans from magazines are all welcome and will be be posted frequently.

Joining the community and posting is readily encouraged. The more members who post, the more pictures we'll have. However, please read the rules before posting.

The Rules

1. This is a community for posting pictures. Therefore, it shouldn't come as a surprise to you that all posts without pictures will be deleted.

2. Hotlinking is so last week and will not be tolerated, so please upload your pictures to a host like ImageShack instead.

3. Please don't upload your images to Photobucket. The reason for this is that Photobucket resizes the pictures that you upload, and it often blocks the images due to high bandwidth usage. ImageShack is a great, stable host that doesn't have a bandwidth limit, and it also creates thumbnails that link to the full size image. We recommend that you use ImageShack instead of Photobucket.

4. This is not an icon posting community, nor is it a place for wallpapers/headers/manips/whatever. oc_icons is a much better place for you to post icons. Any posts containing icons will be deleted.

5. LJ Cuts are as cool as Juicy Couture. If you want to post pictures, you need to learn how to use them. Two or three thumbnails can be placed as teasers, the rest need to be put underneath a cut. Non work safe pictures (such as Mischa's infamous nipple slips) and spoiler pictures (such as stills for the next episode) must be placed under a cut as well. How to do an lj-cut.

6. High resolution images are preferred, although medium quality is okay for rarer pictures. Please do not post low quality pictures. This means that pictures with resolutions less than 500 pixels, pictures with horrible scan quality, and pictures with bad compression are not allowed. Tagged pictures are okay, but untagged pictures make us much happier.

7. Screencaps are only okay if you are providing caps of an entire episode. Keep your random picspam to your personal journal.

8. Community pimpage is okay for O.C. related communities only. When pimping, you must include a picture. Ditto for news, we'd love to hear about it, but we also want a pretty picture to stare at.


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